Company Overview

Parker Group is a technology, engineering, and program management innovator. Enhance your situational awareness and collaboration capabilities by using Parker Group’s services and technologies. We offer a full range of IT and systems engineering products and services that are tailored to our customers’ evolving needs and requirements.

Our team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals with diverse backgrounds that make us uniquely qualified to solve the most challenging technology, engineering, and programmatic tasks.

PG is solution-based. Our team is comprised of talented, experienced, educated experts. We deliver better than the competition and tackle any obstacle no matter how big. We deliver simple, powerful integrated solutions that enhance clients’ existing capabilities.

With excellent customer service, the Parker Group delivers on what it promises and goes the extra mile to ensure customer and end-user satisfaction. Integrity and honesty are core values.

We continue to evolve within the industry and with the technology. The ability to evolve has positioned us to expand into new markets and offer new services.

The Parker Group has built a strong reputation within the defense market. Even though it will be expanding into other markets, it is still important to maintain core business.

Our corporate culture is based on honesty/integrity. Our employees love working for Parker Group. Our employees are amazing – can-do attitude.

Mentoring, training, and the exchange of ideas allow our group to improve our services constantly without the compromise of being “good enough.” Individually, we work as hard as we possibly can to deliver to our clients a product that we are proud to deliver. The tasks we perform are rewarding and they make a measureable difference to our customers.

Enhance your situational awareness and collaboration capabilities by using Parker Groups Services and Technologies.

Simple solutions to fulfill complex requirements.

Parker Group - Making Smarter, Simpler